Friday, December 2, 2011

What is that white stuff, on king crab??? Underneath the shell, adjacent to the meat?

I cut the shell off perfectly, leaving a huge section of meat, but then there is this white foamy stuff? like toothpaste consistency.

I cooked them in the oven, broiler. Added only oldbey.|||it's just the proteins coagulating when you're cooking the meat... similar to the stuff you see when you make stock from chicken bones.|||coagulating... they're clumping together to form that sludge.

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|||I may be wrong but I think that is the blood of it. I just pull it off and eat around it. Its part of crab however you cook it. Its totally normal and not a big deal whatever it is!|||It's fat, it's harmless and it's where the omega 3 is at baby.|||meat puffed up|||organs of the crab

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